Happy familyBenefits to be offered by the Fund are:
a) Medical aid;
b) Compensation for temporary disablement;
c) Compensation for permanent disablement;
d) Rehabilitation services;
e) Constant attendance care grant;
f) Funeral grants;
g) Compensation to dependants of the deceased employee.

The Fund will start offering these benefits in the financial year 2016/17. During the transition period between 01 July 2015 and 30 June 2016, the Fund shall neither receive nor effect compensation payments. Payment of compensation benefits for employees in the public and private sector during the transitional period shall continue to be effected as per the existing arrangements.


Below are facts you need to know about Workers Compensation Fund (WCF), however you can contact or even visit us to get more info and learn more from our officials.

  1. Compensation Fund

    The Fund is responsible for compensating workers who suffer occupational injuries or contract occupational diseases arising out of and in the course of their employment. In case of death of workers, the Fund is responsible for compensating dependants as per set criteria.

  2. Membership And Eligibility

    All employees in the public and private sectors in Mainland Tanzania are covered and hence employers are required by Law to contribute to the Fund on behalf of their employees. click here to learn more about membership…

  3. Terms

    Claimer must be an employee of the institution/firm that he/she is claiming to work with, his/her employer must have contributed to WCF. For death compensation, claimer must be wife/husband/dependant of the deceased worker. After submitting the claim our officials will process it immediately, also WCF will engage doctors and other trained experts in analyzing the claim.

  4. Benefits And Covers

    Claimer will get medical aid and compensation, and for death compensations dependants will get compensation depending on how the employer was contributing. Click here to learn more on benefits..

  5. Process To File A Claim

    Claimer must fill the form attached with doctor/expert report, These are the doctors and experts that have been nominated by WCF and have undergone a special training on how to assess accidents and events for compensations.