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Imewekwa: 29th Jan, 2019

Workers Compensation Fund (WCF) has held a task force meeting with the Traffic Police eyeing positive relationship for the purpose of strengthening its activities. The session was held on 28 & 29 January 2019 at the PSSSF Hall in Dodoma attended by both senior officials from the Traffic Police and the Fund.

At the opening of the session, the Director General of WCF, Mr. Masha Mshomba said the cooperation between WCF and Traffic Police is important and productive to the national interest.

"One of the core concerns that the Fund does is to provide compensation when an employee gets an accident at work. Here is where the police are involved in the verification that helps the Fund to fulfill its key and national goals effectively, "said Mr. Mshomba and added;

"This two-day session is very essential in providing information about all the issues that relates to road accidents as well as creating awareness on the Fund’s services and activities".

"I am confident that our cooperation will help improve the Fund's functions as we seek to ensure that the national labor force is protected".

On the same note, the Traffic Police Commander Fortunatus Muslim was excited by the activities of the Fund admitting it is crucial to the country.

"I am deeply touched by the work done by the Workers Compensation Fund especially at this point when the country set to step into the industrial economy. I promise that we will maintain cooperation and now we will work very closely, "said the Commander and insisted;

“The relationship between the Fund and the Road Safety Team would bring benefits to the nation as a whole. We believe that this partnership will build a positive environment for attracting investors from outside to do their business in the country".

Head of WCF Legal Services Unit, Mr. Abraham Siyovelwaadded that the Fund was formed as a substitute to the previously compensation law that was not adequate.

"Previously, it was difficult for private sector employers to pay compensation when their employees were experiencing disasters caused or related to work, with compensation payments being small; even for permanent disability by 100%, the maximum paid compensation was one hundred and eight thousand shillings (108 , 000 / -) ".

"After receiving all these challenges, the government decided to come with the new compensation law in 2008, chapter 263 which officially started on 1st July 2015," said Mr. Siyovelwa.

The session was attended by 44 Traffic Police Senior Officials from different places in the country that in turn, had the opportunity to be educated about the activities of the Fund, the services that are provided as well as the procedures for claiming compensation.

By Borrice Bwire