Workers Compensation Fund (WCF) is a social security scheme established in accordance with Section 5 of the Workers Compensation Act [Cap 263 Revised Edition of 2015].
The main purpose for the establishment of the Fund is to provide for adequate and equitable compensation for employees who suffer occupational injuries or contract occupational diseases arising out of and in the course of their employment and in case of death, for their dependants.
The objectives of the Fund are:
a)Provision of adequate and equitable compensation to employees
b)Implementation of the National Social Security Policy of 2003 which requires having a system in place to cover contingencies for work-related injuries, diseases and deaths
c)Implementation of provision of Section 5 of the Workers Compensation Act [Cap 263 Revised Edition of 2015]
d)Provision of a framework for effective, prompt and empathetic consideration, settlement and payment of compensation benefits
e)Provision of a framework for control and administration of contributions to and payments from the Fund
f)Promotion of prevention of accidents and occupational diseases
g)Provision of rehabilitation services
h)Compliance with international obligations with respect to workers compensation
The functions of the Fund are:
a)Registration of all employers in Mainland Tanzania
b)Assessment of risk exposure at work places and tariffs determination
c)Collection of contributions from employers
d)Investment of available funds
e)Payment of compensation to employees
f)Maintenance of statistics for all occupational accidents, diseases and deaths
g)Promotion of prevention of occupational accidents, diseases and deaths
h)Public education and awareness programs.