All employers in the public and private sectors in Mainland Tanzania are required to contribute to the Fund. The following are key issues to be considered:
a)Sections 74 (6) and 75 (1) of the Workers Compensation Act [Cap 263 Revised Edition of 2015] require all employers in the private and public sectors in Mainland Tanzania to contribute to the Fund
b)During the financial year 2015/16, 2016/17 and 2017/18, the rates of contribution (tarrifs) are categorised into two groups of employers i.e. private employers and public employers
c)Contribution to be paid by employers in the private sector should be calculated at a rate of 1% of employees’ earnings
d)Contribution to be paid by employers in public sector should be calculated at a rate of 0.5% of employees’ earnings
e)The payment of contribution relating to a particular month shall be made within that particular month or one month after the end of the month to which the tariff relates and not otherwise.Failure to pay contribution within this prescribed period shall be deemed as failure to remit contributions on time
f) All employers are statutory required to contribute to the Fund on behalf of their employees and hence these contributions shall not be deductedfrom employees earnings
g)The employer who does not remit contributions on time will, in addition to the contributions required, pay ten per centum (10%) of the amount unpaid as interest for the delayed time in line with Section 75 (2) of the Workers Compensation Act read together with Regulation 13 (7) of the Workers Compensation Regulations, 2016 and Regulations 7 (3) and (4) of the Government Notice No. 212A dated 30th June 2016
h)In addition to interest payment, an employer who does not pay contributions timely may further be liable to a fine of TZS 50 million or imprisonment for a term of ten (10) years or both.These penalty provisions are provided under Section 75 (3) and (4) of the Workers Compensation Act [Cap 263 Revised Edition of 2015]
i)The rate of contributions for financial year 2018/19 will be declared prior to 1st July 2018
j)Relevant forms and useful information with regard to payment of contributions and compensation benefits are available at the Fund’s Offices and Labour Offices in all regions in Mainland Tanzania.The same can also be downloaded at the Fund’s website ( Forms relating to medical aid are also available at hospitals, health centers and dispensaries that have an agreement for provision of services for the Fund

k)Employers in upcountry regions may opt to submit their duly filled forms together with proof of payment at the Fund’s offices in Dar es Salaam located at Plot No. 37, GEPF House, Bagamoyo Road or to Labour Offices which are under the Prime Minister’s Office, Labour, Youth, Employment and Persons with Disability

l)All employers, employees and the general public may contact us on the following call center numbers and toll free numbers; +255 22 2926124, +255 22 2926125, 0800110028 and 0800110029.