WCF conducts awareness training to TUICO Leaders

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Posted On: 27th May, 2019

Workers Compensation Fund Director General has urged the Tanzania Union of Industrial and Commercial Workers (TUICO) leaders to disseminate compensation education to the targeted members countrywide.

The comments were made by WCF Director of Operations, Mr. Anselim Peter on behalf of the Director General, Mr. Masha Mshomba during the opening of a one day WCF seminar to TUICO executives and regional representatives held at the NSSF Conference Hall, Morogoro on 24th May, 2019.

“It is my belief that TUICO in its position will be good a representative to make sure that every employee under their union knows and understand about this Fund. It is obvious that you will visit and share this knowledge with them in their branches”, said Mr. Peter and added;

“These are important areas for you to be aware of as union leaders, despite being among major stakeholders in the Fund but also managing the relationship between the employer and employee in protecting the rights and advocating the interests of employees who are members of TUICO”.

The training is the implementation of the Fund's Strategic Plan for 2018/19 to provide compensation education to various stakeholders and amongst the stakeholder is the Trade Unions.

On the same note, TUICO General Secretary, Boniface Y. Nkakatisi applauded the Fund promising that the knowledge gained during the seminar will be shared to their members.

I would like to thank the presenters for the knowledge they have given us. We have understood all the information they have given us and we promise that we will work for it as it is intended. The education we have acquired will go further to all our members”.

This seminar is very useful to us and we ask this to be the beginning of sharing this knowledge. We would be sending invitations for our meetings so that this education will be known to all our members as well as the general public”, said Mr. Ntakatisi.

The one-day training aimed at giving TUICO officials awareness education about the Fund especially in understanding the objective to the establishment of the Fund, obligations and rights of employers and employees in accordance with the Compensation Act, to know how to register and submit contributions and submissions of claim and procedures for the assessment and compensation.